Free Legal Consultation

free legal consultationFREE legal consultation is available to all PIAW members. Through a special arrangement between PIAW and Axley Insurance Attorneys, members can call toll free (844) 672-1221 to speak with an attorney and receive legal information about agency operations, ownership, employment matters, issues with the Insurance Commissioner, contracts, mergers & acquisitions, perpetuation planning and E&O consulting. These free calls will be limited to 15 minutes in duration.

Members may also email their questions to and the attorneys will respond as quickly as possible.

A legal team of three experienced attorneys has been established to handle PIAW member calls and emails.  Calls or emails which require research will necessitate a return call or email from the attorneys.

This service is for information only.  It does not constitute an attorney-client relationship.  If your issues require more in-depth legal action or advice, you will be directed to seek private legal counsel.

Phone:  (844) 672-1221

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