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Agents Service / Public Relations


Agents Service/Public Relations

Provides services or products to benefit the members of the association. Special emphasis is placed on agent company relations, agent-client relations, product knowledge and agency management. This manual is produced and updated by this committee. To promote a positive image and awareness of professional independent agents and carriers to the public.

Agent Technology Task Force

committeeAgent Technology Task Force

Provides the resources to enhance the utilization of our member's automation systems and to assist agencies with the ongoing process of automation. This is accomplished through seminars, articles in the Professional Agent magazine, and other methods.

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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of twelve volunteer directors, each elected for a three year term. Directors may serve two consecutive terms. Directors are elected at the annual meeting of the PIAW and are either placed into nomination by the nominating committee or may be nominated from the floor. Your directors are the voice of the association, making policy decisions, chairing committees and setting the future direction of the association.



Plan and organize the PIAW Annual Convention. Duties include setting the date, site, agenda and evaluating each convention.



Responsible for setting the location, date and speakers for the Certified Insurance Counselor and Certified Insurance Service Representative programs. Also responsible for evaluating each institute in order to maintain the quality of these programs. This committee also plans other educational seminars held throughout the year.



The Executive Committee is composed of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary and immediate Past President. The Executive Vice President shall be an exofficio member of the committee. This executive committee shall be empowered to act in an emergency, and to perform any other duties of the Board of Directors, if in their opinion, it would be difficult or impossible to assemble a quorum of the Board of Directors. Any action of the Executive Committee shall be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors at their next meeting.




The legislative committee has a rather straight forward mission. Its function is to monitor and report to the membership any legislative activities on the state or national level which could have an effect on the insurance industry. The committee is made up of several members at large and headed by the national director who is elected by the Board of Directors.

On the state level it works closely with the PIA of Wisconsin legislative lobbyist in Madison, attorney Ron Kuehn. He keeps us informed of the disposition of all bills in the legislature. The committee passes this information onto the membership through articles in the Wisconsin Professional Agent and through special hotline dispatches by mail or fax for matters of immediate concern.

On the national level a constant flow of legislative information is distributed to the state affiliates through the national director who receives up to the minute mail and fax communications from PIA's Washington office. In addition, he attends an annual 4 day legislative conference held in Washington, D.C. which is climaxed by visits with many of Wisconsin's elected officials at their congressional offices. This committee welcomes and solicits participation and suggestions from the membership regarding its legislative activities.

Membership / Nominations & Awards

membershipMembership / Nominations & Awards

Responsible for finding ways to attract and maintain membership. This includes establishing dues structure, creating membership campaigns and integrating membership issues into ongoing association programs. Present a slate of nominees for the election of directors at the annual meeting

Young Professionals Club


Young Professionals Club

To look forward into the future with an open, receptive and flexible attitude which will enable PIA of WI to react and respond to the ever changing needs of its membership for the years to come.

  • Education
  • Networking
  • Socializing
  • Professional Development
  • Encouraging Tomorrow's Leaders

By developing the young professional we can enhance the membership of PIA, improve the industry image and insure the future of the independent agency system.

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Featured Benefit: "Teen Drivers"

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