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Online Education for New Employees

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Employees log on to the course each week. There’s no travel, no interruption to daily agency activity and, most importantly, no time out of the office! Your new employee can connect with other rookies, bounce questions off the facilitator and learn in manageable pieces in the comfort of their home or office.

A 30-minute self-managed process, during the week prior to the start date, will familiarize the student with the online campus. Staff is available to assure you are ready to go on the following Monday. The time to complete the courses is three hours weekly.

Time online is less than one hour a week. Work can be completed off-line, then pasted online. Supervisors can access weekly progress reports.

New Agency Employee Orientation

$265 PIA Member, $320 Non Member

If you have a new employee on board or are planning a new hire, this course is for you!  This 7-week program is designed for unlicensed employees with less than 12 months of experience in the agency.

Your New Employee Will:

  • Build a foundation of knowledge about insurance.
  • Explore the big picture of insurance, including terms and key concepts.
  • Discover how the agency delivers service to customers.
  • Learn the importance of E&O prevention techniques.

Delivering Quality Service

$265 PIA Member, $320 Non Member

This 6-week course fills in gaps in knowledge & experience for your new employee!

Are you confident your rookies know:

  • Quality Customer Service?
  • Impeccable work habits?
  • Errors/Omissions prevention procedures?

Students Will Learn How To:

  • Develop relationships through active listening.
  • Take ownership of the customer’s problem.
  • Speak positively in negative situations.
  • Help confused or irate customers.
  • Clarify expectations and confirm work plans.
  • Minimize E&O risk through proper documentation and consistently following standard procedures in the agency.
  • Explore the workflows within the agency’s system to create a “big picture” understanding of the tasks assigned.

Personal Coverage Basics

Personal Lines Curriculum (for employees with 3-9 months experience)

$285 PIA Member, $340 Non-Member

  • Wk 1: Introduction to Property Insurance
  • Wk 2: Introduction to Liability Insurance
  • Wk 3: Dwelling Insurance
  • Wk 4: Homeowners Insurance
  • Wk 5: Personal Auto Insurance
  • Wk 6: Miscellaneous Personal Insurance

CE credit not applicable.

Commercial Coverage Basics

Commercial Lines Curriculum (for an employee with 3-12 months experience)

$295 PIA Member, $350 Non Member

  • Wk 1: The Commercial Package Policy & the BOP
  • Wk 2: Commercial Property Insurance
  • Wk 3: Ocean & Inland Marine Insurance
  • Wk 4: Commercial General Liability Insurance
  • Wk 5: Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Wk 6: Commercial Crime Insurance
  • Wk 7: Workers Compensation
  • Wk 8: Miscellaneous Commercial Insurance

CE credit not applicable.

Want to Learn More?

Online Education for New Employees is brought to you by the Managing Education Resource Group (MERG) in conjunction with PIA of Wisconsin, Inc.

For more information on curriculum and all course processes contact Sue Radwan.