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The independent agency model has changed over this past decade and those agencies that do not step up to the plate and embrace the new changes will be lost in the next decade. The delivery model of both personal and commercial insurance has migrated to a more immediate gratification due to the expected speed of delivery of all of our needs today. Referrals have been the lifeblood of the independent agency system for many decades, but now that model is no longer functional. It is too slow in our immediate gratification society. Insurance companies are no longer satisfied with just a profitable book of business. They demand growth.

CPIA 1 is Marketing

It is developing suspects using various techniques and then converting them into prospects that might consider the agencies’ services. Direct writers have gone to catchy slogans in an attempt to attract suspects to their portals: “15 Minutes Can Save You 15% or More”; “Accident Forgiveness”; “Name Your Own Price Tool”; “Bundle Your Insurance and Save” and many more.

Direct advertising like this is not the independent agency method. The 8-hour CPIA 1 class is guaranteed to show agencies how easy it is to get new suspects to respond to their message. At that point they become prospects. It looks at the agency’s current advertising, web pages, business cards, and marketing program and helps them develop a more successful program consistent with today’s consumer wishes.

CPIA 2 is Sales Skills

It was developed to help agents recognize the 5 different buying styles and to teach agents how to sell to each style. Its DISC section helps producers recognize specific personality traits and dramatically improves their ability to “close” the sale professionally without being arrogant or overly aggressive. Once marketing has identified the suspects the agency wants to go after and led them to the agency as a qualified prospect, it is sales skills that change that prospect to a customer. Insurance is sold, not purchased.

CPIA 3 is Retention

This section was developed to help convert customers to CLIENTS. Every agency gives great service. That model is no longer acceptable. The consumer has no patience for only great service. They need the WOW” factor to become an advocate of the agency. We have all experienced the “WOW” factor in our dealings with different businesses, and it was truly what enriched that experience and developed a stronger relationship for us with them.

The independent agency force is all about relationships. We are in the relationships business. CPIA 1 helps us locate and cultivate potential customers with whom we want to have a relationship. CPIA 2 brings that customer into our fold through much more than just price. CPIA 3 develops a feeling of trust and dependence that changes a customer into a client with whom we will have a long-term relationship for many years. AIMS is so confident in the carefully developed success of this program that they have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you take this course and implement what was learned, you will grow in size and profitability or your money back.

Come learn how to find them, sell them and then keep them.

Sheldon Hansen, CIC, CRM, CPIA
Sheldon Hansen is a national presenter of the CPIA courses and has been instrumental in the CPIA curriculum and development.

What Agents Had to Say about CPIA

I was so glad that I invested my time into earning my CPIA Designation. The three, one day courses gave me practical information that has aided my sales, service, marketing, and management career. I believe it has made me a more well-rounded insurance professional.

Dan Wolfgram AINS, CPIA
Exec. V.P. Personal Lines, Marketing, and Communications / R&R Insurance Services, Inc.

What I found the most interesting about the CPIA classes was the exchange of sales ideas and methods by the participants. The veteran agents were happy to share their successes as well
as what didn’t work for them. It wasn’t just a lecture by the instructor. Great interaction and fun.

Dennis Kuhnke CIC, CPIA
Vice President / Robertson Ryan & Associates

Time has not been a luxury for me over the past couple of years. With a young family, I am constantly on the go. As much as I would like to earn my AU or CPCU, it is not a reality for me.
The CPIA designation is one way I can show my dedication to the insurance industry and trade until I am able to invest in the time needed to obtain additional designations. As a company guy,
the CPIA has helped provide a deeper insight as to what it is like to spend time in a producer’s shoes.

Josh Timm, CIC, CPIA
Field Underwriter / Continental Western Group

The CPIA classes have helped me to identify my customers’ needs better, and have helped me better my listening skills. They have also taught me how to better my presentations. Thank You!

Ryan Lami, CPIA
Scheurell Insurance Agency LLC

I am very proud to have the CPIA designation. The classes for the designation showed some insight into social media networking as well as some other tried and true methods. It also helped
me understand more about insurance and the impact it has in our neighborhoods. This is a great designation that anyone can benefit from.

Andrew Seils, CPIA
Dave Mosher & Associates Insurance