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Travel Tips

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(May 20, 2014)

Travel Tips to Keep Your Family Safe While on Vacation

MADISON, WI (May 20, 2014) – Many Wisconsin families will load up their SUVs and head for well-deserved vacations this summer. While it’s always fun to explore new places, it’s prudent to take some simple steps to help ensure your family’s safety while traveling.

“Before you leave, let family members or friends know where you are going and give them your cell phone numbers and any detailed travel plans,” says Ron Von Haden CIC, Executive Vice President of the Professional Insurance Agents of Wisconsin (PIAW). “If you have kids, bring along an updated photo of each child — in case you become separated from them. Talk with your family about who to call and what to do in an emergency.”

Loading up the car often means packing expensive technology – Smartphones, tablets, navigation systems, personal DVD players, cameras – all items that are easy to grab from a vehicle during a stop. “If you leave your vehicle–even to stretch your legs or enjoy the view–store these items out of sight and lock valuable items in the glove compartment or trunk,” says Von Haden.

 “Most homeowners policies will cover personal property stolen from your vehicle or hotel room, but deductibles will apply. Auto policies cover items attached to the car and, again, deductibles apply,” he adds.

It’s a good idea to keep an emergency road kit in the trunk with jumper cables, flares and other necessities. Also take along a first aid kit, bottled water and nonperishable foods.

When sightseeing or attending public events, store your phone or wallet in a front pocket or a secret pocket. Don’t rummage through your purse/wallet or count money in public. Women should avoid carrying dangling purses, as they can be easy to grab.

If your trip involves air travel, especially with young children, here are some additional pointers.

  • Request bulkhead seats to give your family more room.  Book these seats ahead of time or as soon as you get to the airport.
  • Get to the airport early to leave time to get through security. “Each child should have a small backpack containing only items needed in transit such as toys, books, jacket and water bottle. Go through your child’s backpack or carryon before getting to the airport to be sure everything in it will meet TSA requirements,” notes Von Haden.
  • If you need child seats in the car, you probably need child seats on the plane.  Always travel with your child’s car seat — you will need it to travel to and from the airport, as well as on the plane.
  • Bring snacks on the plane for your children, as the airlines don’t offer a wide variety and young children may not want to wait until the flight attendants begin service.
  • Consider travel insurance. According to the Insurance Information Institute, trip cancellation insurance typically adds 5 to 7 percent to the cost of the trip, but it covers you should weather cause a delay or a family member becomes too ill to travel. Your local, professional independent insurance agent can get you in touch with a company that offers travel insurance.

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