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Donate to PIA PAC/Conduit

PIAW Legislative Conduit

In an ongoing effort to make our voices heard for our members and customers, the PIA of Wisconsin has formed a political conduit to provide support to candidates that are pro insurance and pro-small business.  We are asking for your support with either a donation or a pledge to donate funds.  Funds will be used by our Legislative group to attend events and make campaign pledges to those who support our efforts.

Should you choose to support this effort you will be contacted prior to any of your funds being used to support a candidate for your approval.  If you choose not to support a particular candidate your funds will not be used.

Please consider supporting this very worthwhile effort.  Should you have any questions please contact the PIA of Wisconsin office, Pete Hanson, or 800-261-7429.


PIAW has established a political action committee, the Professional Insurance Agents PAC.  PIA member agents from around the state will serve as PAC Trustees and will authorize donations of these funds to candidates for state offices.  The focus of this committee will be helping to elect state representatives, state senators and a governor who are supportive of small business priorities and specifically independent insurance agencies’ key priorities.

Your contribution to the PIA-PAC will help to guarantee a positive political and regulatory environment for independent insurance agencies to grow, prosper and use their expertise to protect Wisconsinites’ financial assets.

Please feel free to contact Pete Hanson at the PIAW office with any questions about PAC contributions or expenditures.  Call (608) 274-8188 or email

Thank you in advance for your support! It is greatly appreciated.  Have a great day!

Donate Today

All funds donated to the PIAW PAC or Conduit must come from Personal Funds. Donations from Business Funds are not allowed by law.

Contact Natalie White to make a donation at

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