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State Senate Passes 2 of PIAW’s Top Priorities


Registration of public adjusters will become part of Wisconsin law if a bill that passed the state Senate on Tuesday is signed into law by Governor Tony Evers.  PIA of Wisconsin has lobbied in favor of regulating public adjusters who swoop into Wisconsin following natural disasters.  This is because some public adjusters convince desperate homeowners to sign contracts with inordinate fees that hamper the homeowners’ ability to complete covered repairs on their homes.  If the state Assembly approves a senate amendment and the Governor signs the bill, Assembly Bill 357 will make Wisconsin the 46th state to regulate public adjusters.  The bill creates some limitations on their contracts with consumers and it requires out-of-state public adjusters to register with OCI.

A bill that would include crop insurance claim payments in the calculation of the manufacturing and agricultural tax credit also passed the state Senate, Tuesday.  If Senate Bill 387 becomes law, Wisconsin farmers will be able to avoid having their state income tax shoot up during a bad-weather year when they have already lost crops and related income.

PIAW has pushed for both of these bills and asks members to help get them across the finish line!  To support the crop insurance bill, contact your state representative and ask him or her to support SB-387.  You can find the state Assemblymember who represents you by entering your address on the Wisconsin Legislature website in the “Who Are My Legislators?” search box.

To support the bill reining in public adjusters, please contact the Governor’s Office (608-266-1212 or and ask him to sign AB-357 into law, once it reaches his desk.

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