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Altered Terms Notification to Change to 45 Days in Wisconsin


The required notification period for altered terms to an insurance policy in Wisconsin is about to change. The Wisconsin Legislature has passed a bill that will reduce the notification period from 60 days to 45 days. A majority of states specify 30 days or less for altered terms notification, and carriers wanted to bring Wisconsin’s notification period into line with the norm in other states. There are a handful of states at 45 days’ notice, which became a reasonable compromise among all interests involved.

Senate Bill 289 passed both houses of the Legislature, unanimously. Assuming that Gov. Tony Evers signs the bill into law, the change will take effect four months later. We’re guessing the effective date could be July 1, 2020. No need for carriers to change their practices right away, however, because it is perfectly fine to continue providing 60 days’ notice.

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