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Driving Down Losses with Smart Devices

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Driver-Assistance and Fleet-Tracking Technology Can Potentially Lower Premiums and Save Lives.

What if technology could help drivers and fleet managers see beyond just the road ahead? A new suite of smart devices is doing just that by helping drivers stay safe and allowing fleet managers access to real-time analytics. The result is fewer accidents and improved efficiency for commercial auto policyholders. That may translate to savings by improving loss ratios and potentially lowering premiums.

Developed to enhance vehicle systems for safety and better driving, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) help our qualifying commercial auto policyholders—particularly those with large fleets—by providing real-time alerts. These notifications minimize human error including forward collision, pedestrian/cyclist collision, headway monitoring, lane departures, and more.

Fleet managers are finding smart devices especially useful for tracking vehicle information such as speed, hard braking, and mileage. Accessing these driver trends can produce valuable insights that save money, elevate efficiency, and increase productivity. These preventative measures can mean increased savings for policyholders.

For a limited time, select policyholders of Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Companies may be eligible to use smart devices for low or no cost. Agents, contact us today to see if your clients could be eligible for ADAS technology.

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Not all Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Companies provide the products, pricing, or coverage options described herein nor are all available in all states or to all applicants. This information is intended to present an overview and is not an offer of coverage. Specific company underwriting guidelines and state regulations may apply. Only the relevant insurance policy and endorsements can provide the actual terms and conditions for an insured.

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