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Why Insurance?

AnnBy Ann Linstroth, CISR, PWCAM, PIAW Board Member

Do you recall how or why you entered the insurance industry, instead of choosing some other professional career path?  Whether you realize it or not there’s a common motivation for why we choose the work we do.   The 6 common factors that motivate people are Money and Rewards, Desire to be the Best, Helping Others, Power and Fame, Recognition, and Passion.

Regardless of which source was your motivation and it could be more than one, we all somehow found ourselves working in the wonderful world of insurance.  We can also attest to the fact that “insurance is never boring” and our demand to stay informed and updated on current trends and topics is paramount to our overall success as professionals

Insurance is a fact of life, and people will always need it because there will always be risk, and a need to reduce that risk.   It’s a dynamic industry where innovation and technology are now at the very heart of our businesses and the platform for our success.

Most people in our industry have either family involved or they’re like me and fell into it by accident.  My childhood aspirations never gravitated specifically towards insurance in all honesty it never even crossed my mind.

Funny, how life works out when you rest your oars and let faith guide your boat.  Little did I know how much my life would change or the course it would take, on that fateful day I accepted my first position at an independent insurance agency.

I quickly found myself in a successful career path that has a tremendous positive track record, meaning it continues to grow and evolve much higher than other occupations.  I’ve worn many hats and held various roles over the years but my passion to meet new people and help them with their financial needs is what fires my engine.  I love being able to provide “peace of mind” in a world that is constantly changing and churning.

The insurance industry is experiencing an aging workforce where the average insurance professional is over 45 years old and there will be a high demand to replace these roles within the next 15 years.  This will create amazing opportunities for the younger generations to find a place in our industry that needs them desperately.

A message to the younger generations:  This is your call; the time is now if you desire a career path in a sustainable industry that will allow you to exercise your entrepreneurial skills.  The insurance industry is looking for you!  In exchange, you will help shape the future of insurance for years to come.

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