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Notice: Special Meeting of the Membership

Notice: Special Meeting of the Membership
February 2nd at 7:00 pm

Whitetail Inn
9038 WI-70
St. Germain, WI 54558

During this meeting, PIA members will have the opportunity to vote on the proposed changes to the by-laws.


Section 9.  If any member of the Board of Directors shall be absent from two (2) three (3) successive announced meetings of the Board, or shall be absent form any four (4) announced meetings of the Board of Directors during one Board fiscal year, such absences will be considered grounds for disciplinary action at the discretion of the Executive Committee.  Three (3) missed meetings during any Board year and shall not voluntarily resign as a Director by reason of such absences, then such absences shall constitute grounds for automatic suspension of such Director from the PIA of Wisconsin Board of Directors.  Upon the happening of either of said events specified herein, such director shall be notified at once and be given the opportunity to respond at the succeeding Board of Directors meeting.  If he that director fails to respond, or if such response is deemed inadequate, said member director shall may be suspended from the Board of Directors indefinitely upon motion made for such suspension adopted by an affirmative vote of not less than two-thirds of the total Board of Directors membership.  The unexpired term of such suspended member shall be filled in accordance with the provisions of Article lV, Section 4 of the By-Laws of the corporation.

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