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Group Long Term Disability Insurance


Disability income protection insurance provides a benefit for “long term” disability resulting from a covered injury or sickness. Benefits begin at the end of the elimination period and continue while you are disabled up to the maximum benefit duration.


Each Active Full-Time Employee of a participating Employer working 30 or more hours per week and who elected a 90- Day, or 150-day Elimination Period, except any person working on a temporary or seasonal basis.

Benefit Amount

The monthly benefit is an amount equal to 60% of covered earnings, up to a maximum benefit of $6,000 per month.

Elimination Period

90-Day and 150-Day options of consecutive days of total disability

Maximum Benefit Duration

Benefits will not extend beyond the longer of: Social Security Normal Retirement Age or Duration of Benefits below:

61 or lessto age 65
623 1/2 years
642 1/2 years
661 3/4 years
671 1/2 years
681 1/4 years
69 or more1-year

Contribution Requirements

Employer and/or Employee Paid.


  • Extended Disability Benefit
  • FMLA Continuation
  • Minimum Benefit Payable – $100
  • Own Occupation Coverage – 24 months
  • Residual and Partial Disability
  • Specific Indemnity Benefit
  • Survivor Benefit – 3 months
  • Work Incentive & Child Care provisions
  • Value-Added Services
  • Travel Assistance Service


  • Mental/Nervous Illness Limitation – 24 Months out-patient
  • Offsets (such as, but not limited to, Social Security, Workers Compensation, State Disability Plans)
  • Pre-Existing Condition Limitation – 3/12
  • Substance Abuse Limitation – 24 Months

Please note- pre-ex limitations also apply to benefit increases


Benefits will not be payable for any disability caused by: an intentionally self-inflicted injury; an act of war (declared or undeclared); commission of a felony; injury or sickness occurring while confined in any penal or correctional institution.

For a comprehensive list of exclusions, limitations, and any applicable benefit offsets, please refer to the Certificate of Insurance. The Certificate also provides all  requirements necessary to be eligible for coverage and benefits.

This Plan Highlights is a brief description of the key features of the RSL insurance plan. The availability of the benefits and features described may vary by state. It is not a certificate of insurance or evidence of coverage. Insurance is provided under group policy form LRS-6564, et al.


Please contact Heidi Hodel-Faris at or by phone at 608-274-8188.


Please contact Heidi Hodel-Faris at or by phone at 608-274-8188.

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