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Copy of Copy of Employee Handbook Final

New for Members: Sample Employee Handbook

By: Pete Hanson

We’ve all completed our January 1 renewals and set our goals for the coming year. Still, it’s the beginning of a new year and we’re thinking about what we can do to improve in 2024.

What if I told you there is a simple step you can take that can improve results in all phases of your agency, increase employee retention, reduce civil liability risk, and make you more attractive to potential hires?

PIA has developed a tool that will allow you to accomplish these improvements in just a few hours of your time… and it’s free to you as a PIA member!

The Sample Employee Handbook, developed with Axley Attorneys, incorporates the latest changes and pitfalls in employment law, both state and federal. On page 13 of this publication, you can read about the ways that a good employee handbook can improve your employer brand, improve communication with your employees and greatly reduce your risk of labor law violations. A stable work environment and employees who feel well-treated can improve results across all phases of your agency.

To have a comprehensive employee handbook developed for you by a law firm or HR firm would cost you $1000 or more. Other associations charge members hundreds of dollars for something similar.

Many small employers don’t have written employment policies, or have outdated policies, or do not follow their policies consistently. All these situations create uncertainty for employees and liability for employers. Such situations can lead to wage claims, harassment claims, discrimination lawsuits and other legal actions that are expensive and difficult to defend. Please take advantage of this brand-new benefit from PIA!

How do I Access the Sample Employee Handbook?

As a member of PIA of Wisconsin, all you need to do is log into the Info Hub at, download the Sample Employee Handbook and personalize it with your company name and your specific policies. It’s free to you.

Click below to be taken to log into the PIA Member InfoHub. Once logged in, click the Resources section on the left menu - There you will find the Sample Employee Handbook folder!

If you have any trouble getting logged in, please call our office at (608) 274-8188 or email us at We will send you an email that will help you set up your account or reset your password.


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