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Wisconsin Agencies Licensed with OCI Must Complete Annual Cybersecurity Certification Form

Beginning in 2023, agencies licensed by OCI and domiciled in Wisconsin must annually certify by March 1st that they are following the information security program requirements of Wisconsin Act 73.

Does My Agency Need to Complete the Certification?

Most PIA Member agencies are exempt from the requirement to develop a comprehensive written information security program. However, agencies still must complete the form and claim an exemption if the agency itself is licensed and has a separate agency NPN from OCI.

Not all agencies in Wisconsin are licensed with OCI. Those that are not, do not have to complete the certification form.

My Agency Is Licensed and Has Its Own NPN

If your agency has an agency NPN, someone must complete the certification form to certify whether your agency is in compliance with the requirement or if your agency fits under one of the exemptions listed below.

Agencies are exempt from the ISP Requirement if they have: 

  • Less than $10 million in total assets; or
  • Less than $5 million in gross annual revenue; or
  • Fewer than 50 employees, including independent contractors that work at least 30 hours per week

* Individual agents are not required to submit the certification since all meet the 50-employee exemption*


Click Here for OCI's Annual Certification FAQ

The form must be completed by March 1st 2024.

Step By Step Instructions for completion of the form from OCI:

  • The certification forms will be submitted electronically on or after January 1, 2024.
  • We recommend that you use the Chrome browser.
  • Enter the agency NPN: After you enter the first 3 digits of the NPN, you will see a list of licensees. Clicking on your entity’s name will bring up the certification form. The form will be prepopulated with the licensee’s name, license type and NPN.
  • Choose the Filing Year from the drop down: The certification attests that the licensee complied with the cybersecurity requirements during the prior calendar year. For example, the certification submitted by March 1, 2024 attests that the licensee was in compliance during the calendar year 2023. You should only choose the prior calendar year unless you receive a request from OCI.
  • Exemption: If the licensee is claiming an exemption, check all boxes that apply. You may also add information in the text box.
  • Attestation: Be sure to check the attestation box
  • Enter the name of the contact person and his/her email address
  • Submit: The Submit button is on top right of the form. If you get an error message, review the form to verify that all required information is entered.
  • Download the pdf: Be sure to save or print the completed form for your records. Licensees are required to maintain records supporting the certification for at least five years.

Still have questions? Contact Natalie White at or 608-274-8188.


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